Customize Your Garage Conversion with Thin Brick!

Whether we live in a newer or older home, expanding our floor plan with an addition can be challenging or simply impossible. Budget, lot size and building restrictions pose roadblocks to adding on more living space. If you love where you are living and are desperate for extra square footage, look no further than your garage!

Converting your garage into living space is less expensive than an addition and also less complicated because you can do much of the legwork yourself. In the short term, you may simply be looking for more room, but a garage conversion will likely bring a higher resale value too, down the road.

PLANNING TIP Before you get to the fun part of decorating and choosing furniture, create a detailed plan for your garage space. Identify your plumbing, electrical, venting, and structural needs and work with these sub trades to verify or install these elements precisely where you need them. Be sure to consult a flooring expert also to prepare for the heat, cold and moisture that can be present in garages.

At General Shale, we feel that no garage reno is complete without the charm and added value of our Old Brick OriginalsTM Thin Brick. Our real brick veneer allows you to create the incredibly popular and versatile exposed brick look. And, regardless of what brick or siding color you have on your exterior, our broad thin brick selection offers complementary options. Here are just a few options:


As an interior design element, the exposed brick look works well with modern and traditional styles. And, we’re not concerned about this trend being short-lived – retailers, commercial offices and even television show sets increasingly feature brick walls – whether it is a backdrop or a feature element. Our thin brick is actual brick cut thin, for a robust and natural look – it’s much more inviting (and durable) than faux brick!

We recently read an article about caring for your exposed brick, which just proves how mainstream this design approach has become. When you choose a General Shale Thin Brick, you get the advantages of an historic brick look in a new product doesn’t need maintenance.

Here are some helpful garage space ideas:

Kids’ Playroom – If you can’t relocate to a larger home, a garage playroom can be a lifesaver! With extra floor space you can even make room for physical activities like riding toys and jump rope. You’ll have ample space for storing large and small items; this kind of organizing can be colorful and fun!

Entertaining Space – Enjoy the freedom of starting with a large, blank canvas to set up your entertainment lounge. Start with your focal point – that big flat screen or a cozy fireplace. In a garage, you may have simpler access to electrical, gas or plumbing, without having to remove or tear into walls.

Dedicated Office – It’s tough to sacrifice a bedroom or living area for an at-home office. A garage space let’s you set up multiple workstations, a meeting area and perhaps a small bathroom. Plus, the natural separation from your inside living areas (with front door access) gives you the privacy you want. 

Man Cave – OK, we’ll state the obvious! Thinking of a sports lounge or games room? Our durable thin brick is a perfect for either, and a great starting palette for a pub-style décor.

Home Gym – An unfinished garage should give you access to your house structure so you can properly install gym equipment, like punching bags and hanging bars. You also have a solid floor to start with so you can install the flooring type you need without any demolition. (Photo by: Menter Architects)

Indoor/Outdoor Room – With the door open, it’s like having a living room outside! Some of us don’t have the backyard space we’d like. Why not model your garage into the outdoor living area of your dreams. And, you can use interior finishes and furniture knowing they are protected from the elements.

Mud Room & Storage – Doesn’t everyone just want a place for all that stuff? Whether it’s everyday backpacks, coats and shoes or a family’s supply of sporting equipment, an extended area to properly organize this flow can de-stress your daily life. And, if you’re starting with an untouched space, you can build custom storage and decorate to match the rest of your home.

Whatever your family needs for their extra space, you can find lots of ideas online. Check out this Pinterest board for some great designs. If you would like more information on our fabulous Old Brick OriginalsTM Thin Brick visit out this product page or contact your General Shale dealer! Happy planning!