Fire Up Your Outdoor Living!

It’s high season for outdoor living and we’d love to help you boost your enjoyment of your backyard spaceGS stools vertical with smart (sometimes spicy) do-it-yourself ideas. In particular, we are highlighting our two popular DIY fire pit kits because nothing says ‘come and relax’ like a charming fire.

Now, sometimes, quick ideas on the Internet can lead a well-meaning DIYer down a slippery slope that ends in frustration and disappointment. Some projects need solid fundamentals, not short cuts and when you’re dealing with fire and grilling you don’t want to cut corners. So rather than scour “1000+ Cheap Fire Pit Ideas”, let us show you our selection of easy-to-assemble fire pits that will satisfy your DIY urge and give you a professional looking, durable product.

All General Shale Fire Pits require only beginner level building skills, so, in just a day, you can be enjoying a charming, attractive new fire pit with your family and friends. Whether you are looking for a new focal point for your main seating area or you have a more rustic setting to cheer up – we think our designs can work for you!



This inviting round design is a great afternoon project. The circular format saves space and works as a natural gathering point.

PART NO. FPR-100 / 3’5” across and 1’2.5” high

Entertainer firepit 2


A perfect choice if you like to grill snacks and roast marshmallows, this unique design includes a stainless steel grill. In just a day, you can build this dual-purpose unit.

PART NO. FPS-200 / 3’3” W x 2’8” D and 1’7” high

Gathering Grill

Before you go – check out these two spicy twists on classic backyard treats!GS spicy smores image GS spicy marsh image