NEW Thin Building Stone Offers Exciting Design Options

(Shown above: Coastal Series, Cliff White color)

As you may know, stone veneer products have become incredibly popular in recent years. As a result, the choice has definitely expanded for both residential and commercial customers. Our sister company, Arriscraft recently introduced two new options that offer a range of installation options, plus superior realism and performance compared to faux stone products. 

Arriscraft’s Natural Process manufacturing technology uses only natural materials and replicates how stone is created in the earth. This patented process creates stone products with the natural aesthetics and durability of quarried stone. So, if you are looking to upgrade a masonry accent on your new home or a select a durable, high quality stone for a renovation, consider these Arriscraft options!

“Our new Coastal Series and Midtown thin products were developed to give our customers more selection and design options,” says Marta Zonneveld, Marketing Manager at Arriscraft. “We’ve re-imagined our popular split-face ARRIS.stack product to provide two exciting options, each in five different colors.”

The sleek Midtown stone features two thin heights, in long lengths, to create a modern look that is similar to linear brick. Unlike many Arriscraft products which combine sizes in a bond pattern, Midtown stone can be installed in one size continuously or the two height sizes can be combined. You can also choose to install Midtown with or without a mortar joint. These pictures show you the difference.

The gorgeous Coastal Series is an evolution of the popular thin ARRIS-stack product – designed to be installed with mortar joints. This versatility gives homeowners, builders and designers a distinct option to the dry stack look. Unlike Midtown, Coastal Series features an array of heights and lengths – a more traditional bond pattern. Both Coastal Series and Midtown offer return or corner units for a seamless, natural finish. Using these pieces, you can achieve a full bed stone look. (Below: Coastal Series, Baja color)

In addition to a very natural grain and split face finish, both Midtown and Coastal Series come in five authentic colors, ranging from light to dark, with warm tones in between. Visit our website or contact your dealer for more information!