Stylish, Extra-long Brick Enhances Modern Designs

When it comes to brick, a weathered, distressed finish in a long, linear format delivers the ideal aesthetic for modern buildings. We introduced our Architectural Linear Series Brick (ALSB) just two years ago, giving architects and builders access to this much sought-after product, which was previously only available from Europe. Due to popular demand, we’re highlighting the key features and benefits of this exclusive brick product.

Character-rich finish and colors

Our ALSB features unique distressing that gives it a rustic chic appeal. For contemporary designs that combine natural and modern elements, this long brick has a timeless feel with a sophisticated shape.

We offer a gorgeous palette of designer colors: four from our Georgia plant and four from our Canadian plant. Check out our full selection.

Efficient and Creative Installation

At 23-5/8” long, Architectural Linear Series brick is very efficient to install – it simply adds up quickly when installing nearly two feet at a time! ASLB is standard brick depth (3-3/4”) and features a slim height of only 2-3/4”. A normal coursed installation creates a sleek aesthetic, but we’ve also seen some very unique installations that we wanted to share.

Unique Benefits of Calcium Silicate Brick

All Arriscraft stone products, including its brick, are calcium silicate. These manufactured products are created using only natural materials – sand and lime (plus color pigments) – replicating how stone is created in the earth. The raw elements bind together naturally to create an inherently strong and fine grain stone product; these unique products offer the natural aesthetics and durability of quarried stone, plus the convenience of standard installation and unlimited supply.

More Modern Arriscraft Stone and Brick Options

In addition to our Architectural Linear Series Brick line, Arriscraft offers several other oversized and long brick and stone products:
Contemporary Brick
32″ Evolution Masonry Units
Urban Ledgestone
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