The Arriscraft Advantage, Part II: Streamlined Installation

The universal appeal of the natural stone found on churches, universities and other historical buildings is quite undeniable. While local quarried stone and fieldstone was once used out of necessity, it’s now a very costly undertaking to source, ship, finish, and install natural stone.

Arriscraft provides a unique advantage: the aesthetics and durability of natural stone, in a manufactured format that can be installed through standard masonry techniques.

As a manufactured product, Arriscraft Building Stone also offers tremendous flexibility in terms of styles and colors. Regardless of the stone style, all Arriscraft products can be installed using standard techniques.

Top-notch Installation Instructions

For any building professional, including mason contractors, Arriscraft provides the industry’s most comprehensive product installation guides and training videos. These support materials (and much more) can all be found on the website.YouTube-logo-full_color

The Arriscraft YouTube channel is another great resource for installers!


Building Stone Calculator with Bond Pattern Guides

Arriscraft’s Building Stone Calculator is an online tool for mason contractors that automatically calculates the amount of product you need, based on your square footage, product and bond pattern. The Stone Calculator also provides an installation guide right there with your calculation.


New Product Development for Fast Installation

Of course, Arriscraft Building Stone – when following a bond pattern – cannot be installed quite as rapidly as something like brick. So, the company continues to develop new stone styles that offer faster installation, but still all the wonderful benefits of Arriscraft Building Stone. Here are a few product introductions that you should check out!

 Urban Ledgestone

Strikingly simple, Urban Ledgestone is Arriscraft’s first product designed to be laid in a coursed pattern. To achieve this coursed pattern, one size of stone is laid in one or more rows, followed by one or more rows of a second size.UL_Grouping







Introduced in 2015, Matterhorn Building Stone features a simple to install two-unit bond pattern. Interestingly, Matterhorn is made with 99% reclaimed material from existing manufacturing processes.Matterhorn_FV_Group








New for 2016, the 32” Evolution Masonry Unit is Arriscraft’s longest stone product. According to the company, building designers have expressed a strong interest in a longer stone and they were able to upgrade existing manufacturing technology to accommodate production of this large masonry unit.Evolution-Wheat









Arriscraft stone products truly offer the best of both worlds – high performance, natural aesthetics and simple, efficient installation. Even if you are new to Arriscraft, our support services will ensure the success of your projects. For an overview of Arriscraft’s Building Stone, please check out our Residential and Commercial brochures.