2018 Trends Part II: Getting luxurious with deep, rich tones.

In this Part II article on 2018 trends, we’re exploring ways to up your sophistication game with classic brick walls, luxurious black and this year’s paint trends – which are certainly deep and ‘meaningful’. Whether you are uber daring or prefer subtly, we think you’ll find a couple of design projects to consider.

Classic Brick Walls
The interior design world simply can’t stop obsessing about brick walls – for feature walls, accents, entries, floors – for anywhere. The wonderful thing that designers (and we!) love about brick is the design versatility of this timeless and charming backdrop. Rustic chic, modern, industrial, eclectic, and many more styles all benefit from the texture, character and enduring looks of brick walls.

There’s no need for the professional designer or DIYer to sacrifice the look and feel of real brick for interior use. Our Old Brick Originals Thin Brick is real brick, cut thin.  And with an incredible range of colors and blends, General Shale makes this look possible for new and older homes alike – even condominiums. We found this great design article with a wide selection of looks – enjoy!

Black is Back
Just like the love of brick, black never goes out of style and always makes a statement. Did you pick up on the black accents, tiles and decor push late last year? Wherever you are, whatever your style, black is popping up as a consideration for everything from hardware, to tile, to cabinetry, to bathroom fixtures, to everyday accent decor, and much more. We’ve put together a few design ideas and DIY projects for your enjoyment!

Interior Doors
Here’s a quick paint project that will have instant impact. Maybe you embraced a deep or punchy front door color years ago – but there’s no reason to leave that sophistication outside. You could start with your exterior-facing doors – like the front door and garage door – or do all doors on one level. It really depends how your doors are oriented and how much drama you need in your life! Keep in mind that interior doors get a lot of hand print traffic – so choose a finish that suits your lifestyle and can be wiped easily and regularly. Also, you may want to switch up your hardware – so budget for that.

In our Part I article, we covered creating sophistication with simple light and dark contrast. Why limit this look to the exterior? So many of our brick products are an ideal backdrop for black accents. This gorgeous example below features our Ironworks Thin Brick. The light mortar allows the darker bricks to pop and the black door treatment brings the sophistication to another level!


This Pinterest board has amazing ideas, plus a lot of before and after pictures. We love those! Be sure to capture your own transformation.

Black Kitchens & Bathrooms

If you are planning a kitchen renovation or are building a new home, you may want to check out options for black cabinetry, backsplashes or appliances. It’s a dramatic choice, but also a classic look that will stand up over the years. A white and black palette allows you to keep it stylishly simple or to add punchy accents, maybe seasonal changes, if you prefer. For smaller DIY projects, you can consider new black and white flooring, painting cabinets, updating hardware, switching up bar stools or dining furniture. Regardless of the extent you’re comfortable with, there is no shortage of design and decor options for incorporating classic black into the kitchen. Here’s a daring article about stunning black kitchens.

Bathrooms, including powder rooms, are a perfect place to experiment with dramatic black if you’d rather not commit to a kitchen. Here you can introduce black through wall paper, new fixtures, a small vanity, new tile, or simply accents to create new sophistication. You can get started at your local DIY store – you’re likely to find black vanities, black tile, black towel and TP fixtures – everything you need for an impactful DIY project.

Deep and Luxurious Paint for 2018
OK, black might be too dramatic for some. Fear not! The 2018 paint trends offer deep and rich tones that will help your interiors look and feel luxurious. Here’s a run down of the top paint companies color choices:

Pantone – Ultra Violet
This year, Pantone has gone deep. According to the company, this year’s color, “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark in the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.”

Benjamin Moore – Caliente
Another bold and glamorous choice, this hot color gets it’s own video.

Sherwin Williams – Oceanside
Yet another vibrant tone, Oceanside is a ‘collision of rich blue with jewel-toned green.’ We’d say you need to love this one to do the whole room!

Behr – In the Moment
More subdued, yet still luxurious, In the Moment is a delicious blue-green color. We love that Behr puts together a collection of 20 trend colors.

PPG – Black Flame
A super dramatic mix of black and navy, this tone is both classic and luxurious. PPG gives us four collections – called ‘Corelations‘ – to work with. Great idea!

Clearly, these paint trends are challenging us to make a statement this year! We hope we’ve given you some inspiration – perhaps you’ll do something daring? Share your before and after pictures with us on Facebook – we’d love to see them!