Creating Distinct Homes with Black Brick

A New and Classy Neutral: Black Brick!

Hot on the trail of the white brick craze comes a growing appetite for black brick homes. As drastically different as this shift may appear, it’s really just another take on simple, classic style. A black exterior offers a neutral and sophisticated backdrop, perfectly suited for modern designs. And, just as General Shale developed a range of white and light brick, we’re introducing many gorgeous black and dark brick options under our umbrella of companies, including Watsontown and Arriscraft.

New Black Brick from General Shale

New in 2021, Midnight Mist and Shadowfield are beautiful, clean, and crisp black brick options for you. These widely available, new brick products are the darkest tones we’ve ever introduced. While these samples showcase the dark color with white mortar, you could consider darker mortar for a more monochromatic look.

LEFT: Midnight Mist | RIGHT: Shadowfield

More Beautiful Black Brick Options

Our thin Blacksmith (from our Old Brick OriginalsTM line) provides a unique option for interior and exterior applications. Modern interior design trends feature minimalistic décor, with simple black lines contrasting a white backdrop. A rich black brick lets you introduce this crisp, chic look on the exterior, to blend beautifully with your interior style.

One of our sister companies, Watsontown offers two super dark brick products that are really taking off in commercial designs. Used with dark mortar, Coal KT and Slate create an elegant monochromatic finish – what a statement.

LEFT: Slate | MIDDLE: Modern home featuring Coal KT | RIGHT: Coal KT

Arriscraft also boasts a super popular, uber-long brick with a distressed finish. Architectural Linear Series Brick (ALSB) in Obsidian and Charcoal are an ideal choice for modern residential and commercial designs – both very rich, dark tones.

LEFT: Urban Ledgestone - Dusk | TOP RIGHT: Shadow Stone - Dusk | BOTTOM RIGHT: ALSB - Obsidian

If you prefer a more rugged-looking stone exterior or want to complement your brick with a stone product, Arriscraft offers a number of dark grey options you should explore.

Make your Black Brick Home a Work of Art

A black or very dark brick exterior presents a unique opportunity for an elegant and dramatic home. Are you a creative type who really wants to make a statement with your home? Do you love modern architecture, geometric design, and high contrast visuals? A black brick home lets you use colors and shapes to accent your home and create a veritable work of art. Even lighting is more accentuated against a dark backdrop. Here are some design ideas for elevating the artistic flair of a black brick home.

Pops of Color: from front doors to outdoor furniture!

We are so in love with what our customers do with their front doors and porch areas. What could make a colored door pop more than a black house? This is a simple and cost-effective way to express your creative side – change it up when you want and use it for seasonal decorating too. One way to create a sophisticated outdoor space is with a black and white palette. Create a spa-like getaway in your own backyard using high contrast, yet simple elements with your black brick an elegant backdrop.

Creative Landscaping: from flowering trees to geometric shrubs

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous statement tree, like a magnolia, red maple or tulip tree? You can choose trees for spring blossoms or fall color and use your black brick exterior to show them off. Here’s a quick link of the Top 10 Flowering Trees.

Evergreens may seem ubiquitous, but you can get very creative with patterns and shapes. Green living walls with ivy or other four-season greenery look stunning on a black wall too. Many evergreen options are low maintenance and hardy and a great option for a simple and stunning landscape. Be sure to check out your growing zone to choose species that will perform well in your area.

We’re very excited to expand our product line to include these new black brick options. Visit your local dealer, distributor or representative to see physical samples. And, of course, we’d love to see your home designs online – follow us on Instagram or Facebook for some inspiration too!