A Talented Home Designer Shares Her Passion Project!

‘Tis the season for sharing, and how fitting that we discovered through several #generalshale tags the incredible home design project we’re featuring in this post. We were over the moon to personally connect with Chasitiy Hurtt @lovehurtts. We’re so inspired by her phenomenal design sense and holiday decorating prowess! She was kind enough to share her story with us, plus these spectacular pictures.

When relocating back to their home state of Georgia, Chasitiy and her husband, Richard, decided to look for some acreage and build their forever home. With an eager, engineer husband ready to build, Chasitiy went to the drawing board and meticulously planned every nook and cranny of their house. Remarkably, their new home looks classic, vintage and brimming with the charm of a home with history.

Beginning with the exterior, Chasitiy selected a General Shale brick as a skirt accent to give their house an established look. But, she could not find the exact thin brick for her interior design vision. Not one to settle for less, she contacted General Shale for a solution and discovered that we can create flat brick from any of our regular brick products, simply by cutting it thin*. Satisfied with a perfect match to the exterior, Chasitiy expertly added her custom thin brick – starting with the foyer.

“Having lived in Louisiana for a few years, I loved the classic, nostalgic feel of a brick floor and wanted to bring it home. It’s the first thing people see and it’s always a wow reaction. Brick adds so much more than texture to any space.”

The vintage personality introduced in the foyer extends throughout this magnificent home – not with overwhelming features, but the carefully planned accents which together create a welcoming and distinct decor. For example, rather than a full, floor to ceiling brick fireplace, Chasitiy opted for a subtle treatment that includes a soft arch – a feature repeated in the house. The brick becomes a part of the design, a splash of personality rather than a bold statement. You’ll see this common thread all around the home.

“I never envisioned having a white kitchen, but the brick backsplash was a must,” says Chasitiy. We agree – it looks fantastic!

While she describes it as “just a passion”, Chasitiy’s design skill is getting plenty of attention from her over 3,100 Instagram followers – check out her Instagram!  And her generous spirit means she’s eager to help others recreate her style. “I’m not secretive; if I can help one person achieve their look, I’m happy!” In speaking with us, she kindly remarked that incorporating General Shale brick has made her home. That’s nice to hear from a special customer like you Chasitiy, but we suspect your passion for making the new house your home is the true secret!

Thank you for sharing, in so many ways!


*NOTE: For custom thin brick orders (i.e. cutting regular brick thin for a project) there would be additional cost vs. choosing a standard thin brick product. Contact your General Shale dealer for more details.