A Welcomed Healing

We live in a fast-paced, “instant” society, where just about anything can be obtained or accomplished in a moment’s time. So naturally, when it’s time to step away and vacate, we choose destinations with a relaxing view and a change in surroundings that evokes a sense of calm into life – if albeit for a short time. But there are times when we’re forced to step away from the stresses of the life to recover from an unforeseen illness or surgical procedure. In those circumstances, the medical setting in which we are recovering plays a key role in the healing process.

For years, these “healing environments” have consisted of white walls and cold floors; not exactly the most ideal place for recovery. This is unfortunately the rule rather than the exception, and it is here where we’ve discovered an opportunity to provide genuine benefit to patients in a hospital setting.


We use words like “warm and inviting” to describe our products because, by nature, they are just that. After all, our brick and stone are manufactured from natural quarries throughout the country. In their final state (on the inside or outside of a home or building), they echo the naturally therapeutic source from which they came – the earth itself.

Recently, hospital architecture has begun to introduce more natural design elements that make hospitals almost resort-like in appearance. Through the use of brick and stone, which offer a very earthy color palette of design options, impressionable areas such as lobbies are instantly more welcoming for patients and their families. Entire hospitals – from hallways to patient rooms and everywhere in between, – offer attractive, comforting and calming environments that encourage what matters most – healing.