Add the Magical Charm of Real Thin Brick Flooring

Photo credit: @lovehurtts | Old Louisville Tudor thin brick

Few design elements draw attention like authentic brick flooring. For new homes, real thin brick flooring lays the perfect foundation for the clean, white walls, wood features and rustic accents of the popular farmhouse look. And if you are renovating an entryway, mudroom, kitchen, or bathroom, thin brick flooring can be a dramatic upgrade and great investment that will last for decades. General Shale thin brick comes in dozens of designer colors, from solid, traditional tones, to distressed blends, to our new super dark Blacksmith product. We’re sharing some incredible flooring projects – from new construction to DIY jobs.

Thin brick flooring - durable, charming & versatile

General Shale thin brick flooring is real clay brick, cut thin. It’s hard to beat the durability of brick, so you can be confident that you’re installing a quality flooring product that will last for the life of your home.  Plus, it’s virtually maintenance free and simple to clean. Of course, beyond these practical considerations, natural thin brick simply brings a charm and character that is unmatched and unmistakable. Here are some fantastic projects that customers have shared with us.

Photo Credit: @dclark_builder
LEFT Photo Credit: @chris_kauffman | Ironworks thin brick flooring; ABOVE Photo Credit: @keeverfarmhouse | Peppermill thin brick flooring

If you love the rustic farmhouse look, you can easily tie in your brick floor to other focal points of your home. Have you considered a brick backsplash for the kitchen, a gorgeous thin brick fireplace and hearth, an accent wall for the family room or bedroom? The reality is that you’re free to be very creative when it comes to incorporating thin brick throughout your home. Get inspired by our Instagram shares!

Photo Credit: @keeverfarmhouse | Peppermill thin brick

Get creative with brick flooring patterns

The classic herringbone pattern is super popular in 2020, but there are many pattern variations and options for borders that you can explore. Here are few common examples, plus a parquet-style installation that we love!

Installing your thin brick flooring is easy - watch!

Whether your builder, contractor or DIY self are taking this on, we make installing thin brick flooring simple. Check out our popular DIY installation video and helpful guide, too.

Explore our beautiful thin brick flooring selection

Are you designing a new home or maybe planning a renovation project this season?  You’ll find lots of inspiration on our social media and our website. Check out our styles here or visit your local dealer, distributor, or representative to see actual samples. Happy planning & here’s a peek at our newest thin brick… Blacksmith!