Thin Brick: A Great Choice for Any Project

There’s simply no substitute for the character that authentic brick offers. Synthetic brick veneer may trick the eye from a distance, but up close the faux finish doesn’t offer the charm and realism you want. At General Shale, we’ve made real brick available as a thin product, that is easy to install and comes in a great range of colors and styles. Our Old Brick OriginalsTM works well for interior and exterior applications and what you can do with it is almost limitless!

Interior and Exterior Installations

Because our thin brick is real clay brick, it’s perfectly suited for exterior installation; and, we offer ‘return’ or corner units so you can make your walls look like full-bed brick. For exterior projects, you should probably hire a masonry contractor. However, if you’re planning an interior project, a skilled do-it-yourselfer will get the job done. On our website, we offer installation guides to ensure that you and/or your contractor have everything needed for a successful project. Here’s a video on thin brick interior applications that helps you understand the entire process, even if you aren’t doing it yourself.

Residential Projects

Our Old Brick Originals thin brick is incredibly versatile. You can transform any room in your house by adding natural brick to the wall. And it’s simple to carry through the look in a variety of areas – like archways, fireplaces, backsplashes, even as entryway flooring, with stunning results. Check out our Ideas Brochure and Selection Guide for inspiration!

Ironworks (standard color)

Commercial and Retail Spaces

Adding brick to office and retail spaces delivers a welcoming and popular design aesthetic. Our Old Brick Originals product line makes it easy to incorporate real brick that employees and clientele can enjoy whether indoors in a conference room or outside on a patio. What a transformative change you can make to your space, without major renovations. Plus, adding masonry to exterior walls can increase your property value and lower your maintenance costs.

Peppermill (standard color)

Standard Thin Brick Colors

We offer 12 gorgeous standard colors that cover the spectrum:  from light, subtle neutrals to warm, traditional tones to deeper browns as well. This off-the-shelf selection is readily available and ideal for a home renovation or setting up an office or retail space on a timeline. Plus, when you choose a standard color you can quickly get more inventory should you need it.

Old Brick Originals Standard Color Selection

Custom Thin Brick Options

While we encourage customers to choose from our standard thin brick colors, we can accommodate requests for custom orders. For these requests, customers choose a brick from our full-bed line; we then cut it into thin brick units. We completely appreciate the uniqueness of every project and it’s exciting to help clients accomplish their design objectives. Keep in mind that custom thin brick orders require more lead time and likely additional cost. If you are interested in a custom order, please consult your dealer or partnering distributor to make sure you’ve factored in the time and budget you’ll need. Here is a beautiful flooring project and a stunning fireplace with modern flair.

If you’ve decided to boost your design with gorgeous General Shale thin brick, your local dealer or partnering distributorwill have product samples to help narrow down your selection. And, if you’re looking for a custom color, be sure to inquire about your timing and costs too. We’d love to see your finished projects – so please share with us!