Boost your remodel project with authentic brick and rock

Tis the season for ‘out with the old, in with the new’ – windows are open, birds are chirping and we know many of you are in the mood for renewal and renovation. So, we’re chiming in on this super hot remodeling trend –  adding brick to interior spaces. Just a simple Google search will deliver a plethora of delicious details and how-to instructions to achieve the incredible charm of a brick interior wall. So far has this trend gone, that you can even purchase brick wall paper (plus stone, wood and trees) – for the ‘instant gratification’ types.

But we’d like to pump up your plans to give you remodeling ideas that will deliver not only a glorious result, but will also add real value to your home. The best remodel should boost your resale price and not be just about following trends. Our lightweight thin products are made from real brick and real rock, delivering a substantial and authentic look to be proud of, plus an installation that will stand up over time.


General Shale Thin Brick

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.49.10 AMOur Thin Brick is real, kiln-fired brick cut thin for the most authentic finish you can get. It is lightweight and designed for residential remodeling projects. Our Old Brick Originals™ collection offers 12 colors and various textures, for a great selection that appeals to every personal taste. Here are just a few samples to the right.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.12.39 PM









General Shale Thin Rock

Yep, how cool! General Shale Thin Rock is authentic, quarried rock cut thin and is a beautiful solution for any space. Our thin rock is a perfect option to get that rustic, lodge feel or simply a natural stone option to brick. TScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.07.10 PMhis product is lightweight enough for back splashes, pillars and other accent areas. Our Rock Solid Originals collection offers a wide variety of rock styles and colors. A few samples here:

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Inspiration for you

While we collectively drool over the “200-year-old brick wall in a towering loft space” look – we know that the majority of you are probably living in a condo, town home or single family home with rooms of standard dimensions. Fear not: we have some incredible ideas for you to dig into to, even if you don’t have a great, great room. And, check out our Inspiration Gallery too!

Lightroom (untitled-1.jpg and 7 others)


























We love DIYers!

And, we’re here to help. Give us the square footage of your project area and we’ll calculate exactly the amount of product and mortar that you need. Don’t forget, we have corner pieces to complete your installation like a pro! We also have a wide variety of mortar colors to best match the brick or rock products you are using for your remodeling project.

Visit your nearest General Shale retail or distributor location to jump start your project!