Brick Exteriors Offer Homebuilder Success!

At General Shale, we recognize the misconception among many builders that brick is cost prohibitive to maintaining their price points. In fact, today there seems to be more pressure than ever on supply costs combined with homebuyer demand for high-end finishes. We also understand the competitive environment of homebuilders – and the design effort and marketing expenditures required to set your homes and developments apart.

We’d like to share some great news with you! Not only is General Shale brick affordable and easy to install, this high quality exterior also delivers the aesthetics and long-term value homebuyers want.

Builder Testimonial

This Charlotte, North Carolina builder shares his story and how full brick exteriors provide his business with a competitive edge.








At General Shale, we price brick by the square foot instead of ‘by the thousand’, which allows you to easily compare the costs of a variety of exterior cladding options. With our deep expertise in homebuilding and our vast product selection, we can develop brick exterior options that will be successful for your business.

Desirable for Homebuyers

Adding brick will distinguish your designs from other tract homes. A premium choice is easy to sell once homebuyers understand the ongoing savings and better resale value a brick exterior delivers. Lower insurance premiums, lower maintenance costs, improved fire and pest safety are just a few inherent rewards of choosing a masonry home.

We support our builder customers with a robust website, brochures, social media content, and much more to help educate prospective buyers about our selection and the value of choosing a masonry exterior.

Here are a couple of helpful customer videos:

The General Shale Experience

There’s Nothing Like Brick

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