Creating Character Homes with Stone and Brick

Isn’t it true – variety is the spice of life! So we understand that not everyone is looking for a classic or traditional style brick home. We collaborate with homebuilders and designers everyday and, as trends change, we continuously offer new product ideas and executions to help build custom homes.

We’re sharing a few new home designs that have combined General Shale brick and Arriscraft stone to achieve distinctive character.

The Ublansky Residence

Incorporating Arriscraft stone, with its robust and natural look, adds unmistakable charm – giving new homes a rustic character that is very popular today. The Ublansky family in Ontario first chose Arriscraft’s Laurier Building Stone and then decided on General Shale’s Waterton Brick to complete their look. What a fresh twist on two products that are rather classical on their own!

The Ublansky’s brick-stone combination was extended to other parts of the landscaping, behind the home and in the unique courtyard – one of the family’s favorite features. Choosing a low-maintenance building material was important to the Ublanskys; like every busy family, they appreciate that their home will require very little upkeep.862-gs-lauzon-homeublansky-1

The Lauzon Residence

In planning their dream, lakefront home, the Lauzons explored different brick color palettes and options. They selected General Shale brick, but were still seeking ‘something a little different’ that would suit their lakeside setting. Choosing Arriscraft’s Laurier Building Stone added a rustic elegance to their home design.

Having a background in construction, Thomas Lauzon was the general contractor on the project. Of course, no project is without snags, but Lauzon actually called the home-building process “fun” and said the ease of working with General Shale was part of the reason. “This was very personal to me, so I wanted to be directly involved,” Lauzon explains.874-gs-lauzon-home

























The New Rustic: Shadow Stone® Building Stone

From Canada to the Carolinas, we are seeing an interest in new home designs with craftsman or lodge-style character. Today, we wanted to share a distinct style that’s popping up in Quebec, using Shadow Stone Building Stone. A little mid-century modern perhaps, this simple, natural look is truly rustic elegance!shadow-stone-driftwood-may-2016

Be mindful of good fundamentals when choosing the exterior of your home. Some homebuyers and designers look for alternatives to masonry products to achieve a particular look. But keep in mind that only a masonry exterior best protects you from day one to the day you sell. Brick and stone exteriors require less maintenance (no painting or repairs as required with wood siding), plus you have the immediate and long-term benefits of improved fire safety, lower insurance premiums and often higher resale value.

 For more information on planning your dream home with brick and stone, contact your General Shale dealer.