Design a Character-Rich Gray Brick Home. Yes, GRAY!

At first thought, the color gray may not get your creative juices flowing. But we feel like this eternal neutral gets a bad rap for its quick association with rainy days. Today, we’re changing the script and celebrating gray as a champion neutral. Whether warm or cool, choosing gray for your home sets the stage for a classic monochromatic style. And when you’re feeling creative or want to spruce things up, gray is a timeless backdrop for seasonal décor and for changing up our accent colors as trends change.

According to 2021 trends - gray is in!

There’s just something permanent and grounding when it comes to neutrals, and gray is no exception. While color trends are quite varied for 2020 and 2021, we’re seeing many grays popping up as a staple in the design world, such as Ultimate Gray paired with Illuminating (yellow) from Pantone.

Check out this beautiful, helpful article on 2021 home design trends that covers the gamut from exterior to interior and much more. We couldn’t help but notice the neutral palette of soothing grays! We think a bit more General Shale gray brick would work great! We’ve added a sample of our new Graysburg to a collage of images from this article.

Explore our wide selection of General Shale gray brick

Here’s just a selection of our gray brick options, including traditional and modern styles. When you visit our website, you can filter the brick options by color type, size and manufacturing location.

TOP: Everest Gray Tudor, Mystic Grey Contemporary Brick, Graysburg - BOTTOM: Asher Grey, Newcastle Gray, Cedar Woods Architectural Linear Series Brick

Use My Design App to visualize your new home!

Whenever you are designing a neutral home, it’s very important to consider the impact of the roof, mortar and trim colors. Complimentary colors will give you a monochromatic look and choosing high contrast accents will deliver a more dramatic look. Our MyDesign desktop tool (and iOS app available from the Apple store) lets you ‘try on’ different brick choices and a range of accent features in different colors. Choosing all of these elements and seeming them work together is an important step in designing your brick home.

Have fun accenting your neutral home.

Keep in mind the long-term and short-term features or details to your home. Landscaping, tree choice and of course, roof and trim color, will be elements that you have to many years, so plan carefully. For seasonal or short-term projects, you can play with front door color, outdoor furniture and décor, seasonal flowers, and much more. Since we have our designer hats on today, we’re sharing another great article called, “10 Creative Gray Color Combinations and Photos”. This piece is about interior design, but the same concept of color combination applies to exteriors.

Image Credit: shutter

With spring around the corner, we’re surely not the only ones excited about new home construction. We hope we’ve given you some helpful inspiration to get started on designing your dream home – in gray! Be sure to check out our selection online and visit your local dealer, distributor or representative to see some samples. Happy planning!