Explore our Unique Canyon Series Brick, Plus New Colors!

Great news! We’ve expanded our popular Canyon Series selection with four gorgeous new colors. If you love distinctive brick with lots of character, you’ll want to consider our Canyon Series brick for your new home.

Designed to reflect the sweeping peaks and valleys of natural canyon landmarks, this highly textured brick series is a popular choice for many home styles, from traditional, to lodge and craftsman, to rustic farmhouse. Here are a few pictures that give you a close up of this incredibly unique and dynamic brick.

Canyon Series Steele, white mortar

New colors for you to discover

We’ve introduced four new colors to give you even more selection for our Canyon Series. These newest introductions expand the palette to include lighter, more grey tones.

Classic Canyon Series products to keep in mind

Our existing collection are hallmarks of character: BryceCopperFrasierLogan, and Steele. Here are some idyllic homes and color samples of our well-loved Canyon Series colors.

Clockwise: Logan, Steel, Bryce, Copper

Getting creative with mortar color and accents

Mortar color choice dramatically impacts the finished look of your brick home – it represents about 20% of the overall surface. So rather than leaving this decision to the last minute, we encourage you to look at brick homes you like and note the mortar color or tone in your planning. 

For highly textured brick (like our Canyon Series) which has a lot of color variation, you can get quite creative! Choosing a mortar that matches the lightest tone in the brick will give you an overall lighter looking home and choosing a mortar that matches the darkest color, will create a much darker aesthetic. You might be very surprised how incredibly different the SAME brick can look with different mortar colors.


So, when you are planning your design, consider if you prefer a neutral palette for an understated elegance or if you prefer a more dramatic look of contrasting brick and mortar. Whatever you choose, we find that our Canyon Series brick, in any color, is a great backdrop for rustic accents, like natural wood doors and posts, dark, rustic hardware. Here are some fabulous examples of creative home designs with all the fixings!

Canyon Series Steele with white mortar
Canyon Series Frasier with Buff mortar (left) and white mortar (right)

Get inspired and start designing!

It’s definitely a great time of year to start planning your new home construction for 2021. We encourage you to follow us on Instagram and see the amazing inspiration for interior and exterior design that our customers share. And why not check out all of your brick options on our website, where you can begin by sorting your options according to your location. To see actual brick samples, it’s great to plan a trip to your local dealer, distributor or representative. Happy planning!