My Designs by General Shale: Home Design Made Easy!

At General Shale, we understand how limitless house designs are and how overwhelming all of the options can be. It’s challenging to visualize your new home with all of the exterior selections in place. So, we’ve worked incredibly hard to deliver a tool that helps improve your experience and deliver satisfaction with your home design. 

Now, we haven’t reinvented the wheel. Visualization tools have been around for several years; but, when we started doing our research, the options available seemed pretty ‘run of the mill’. At General Shale, we’ve employed careful thought and creative minds to harness the potential of visualization software – in a unique way – to deliver a better experience for you. Our My Designs app gives you the special experience of sitting in the designer’s chair!

My Designs works on desktop and iOS and continues to add more options!

Our new design tool is simple to use. And, whether you prefer to work on a desktop computer or an iPhone (or iPad), the experience is virtually identical. We noticed that other companies might offer a full desktop version, with a stripped down mobile version. However, we wanted to ensure that regardless of your preference, you can take advantage of full functionality.

Our first version of My Designs offers styles, colors and options that we know are popular – because we listen to our customers! But we won’t stop there. Our unique software tool will continue to grow; it’s designed to add additional colors, styles and finishing options. As a My Designs user, you’ll soon receive notifications when we introduce a new color or style – so you can visualize the look immediately. Normally it takes us about a year to have a new home complete and photographed!

Choose from a wide variety of home styles – including Craftsman!

Why not start off with your favorite style and get closer to your final design vision? My Designs currently offers seven home styles to choose from. Whether you prefer straight Modern lines, a cute Cottage style, an impressive Colonial, or that charming Craftsman – you’ll find all of these and more.

Once you’ve chosen your home type, a simple click lets you apply exterior materials –  brick, stone or vinyl, in combination too. Create added texture and dimension by selecting multiple cladding options. This layered look is particularly popular for Craftsman and Modern homes today, and we wanted you to have the option of combining brick with other exterior materials.

Now, the real fun begins! Enjoy playing with different brick and stone colors and styles, then see it all come together with mortar, trim, and roof color selections.  You’ll be able to build your designs in real time, save them, share them, and change them as desired. Plus, you’ll have a precise visual for your builder or architect.

Here’s an amazing example of the My Designs advantage!

Before you get started, we wanted to demonstrate the power of using this great tool. The image below features identical Nottingham Tudor brick homes with four different mortar colors. Could you have imagined the dramatic difference that mortar color makes on the overall look of a house? My Designs gives you the advantage of testing out different options, instantly.


My Designs gives you design control with these great features:

Design and share like a pro

  • Simple to use – just click the options to build your design
  • Fast, real time viewing and instant editing
  • Create and save various designs
  • Share via email and social media

Customize your designs with these options

  • Choice of residential and commercial building designs
  • Multiple brick, stone and siding options – plus mortar color options
  • Customize roof and trim styles and colors

My Designs helps commercial builders be precise and efficient

If you are a commercial or multi-residential builder, you will appreciate the advantage of full color renderings (with brick and stone applied). As a My Designs user, choose from numerous residential and commercial building styles. Imagine the clarity you can offer (with incredible efficiency) to clients with My Designs. Plus, switching products and other exterior finishes is simple and instant – save all the options you want.

Whether you are designing your own home or designing a commercial building, My Designs puts you in the designer seat! Download the app for your desktop or iOS device today! We hope you love it as much as we do! If you have any feedback or would like to see other options, we’d love to hear from you: [email protected].