New Ideas for Rustic Homes!

Sometimes, an old cliché says it best: everything old is new again. Doesn’t this well-known phrase perfectly describe the rustic chic trend that is so prevalent in home décor today? For those of us with a taste for antiques and a love of all things worn in, we don’t have to scour antique markets any longer. At major décor retailers and DIY stores, one can find endless rustic-styled items for every room in the home. The popularity of rustic chic design has taken a mainstream turn.

Now Everyone’s an Interior Designer!

The wide availability of rustic chic décor means that you can use this theme in all areas of your home, from tin-style backsplashes in the kitchen to chalkboard fun in the kid’s room. Barnboard-look flooring and old-fashioned lighting features are just a couple of broader design elements that can help fill out the look in your interior.

This flood of options is welcome news for those of us embracing this hot trend and allows new homes to embody the charm and character we see in much older homes and buildings. And, we have so much inspiration to draw on, from HGTV design shows, Pinterest, Houzz and other sharing sites (check out!). Whether you prefer a sparse, minimalist look or a charming space filled with pops of color, you’ll find endless ideas with so many visual platforms to discover.

General Shale Gives You Charming Exteriors!

Applying the farmhouse or rustic look to your exterior is obviously a bigger challenge, especially if you are building new. That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about a new brick that exudes old-world character  and allows you to build a charming exterior – Canyon Series from General Shale.

 Modeling Nature to Create Rustic Design

Our Canyon Series brick has a unique story and appearance. We looked to Nature for inspiration and modeled this brick design on well-known and breathtaking geological areas (like Cottonwood Canyon, right). The rough profile of our Canyon Series replicates the furrowed landscapes and peaks of various canyon areas, namely: Bryce, Copper, Cottonwood and Logan*.

Canyon Series’ distinct, rough texture definitely creates an old-world look that will give you a customized exterior design. Check it out at your General Shale dealer, because the best way to appreciate it is to see and feel it in person.

Canyon Series Brick – the Perfect Canvas to Accessorize

Choosing a character-rich brick allows you to incorporate complementary rustic finishes and fixtures. Your look will be more authentic than if working with a more standard brick. Here are some charming ideas!

We hope you enjoy uncovering your own style of rustic chic and perhaps you are newly inspired by our Canyon Series brick. Happy planning and please enjoy the weather! With summer holidays around the corner, why not check out our National Park Service for some great ideas on trips? Exploring Nature is surely a wonderful source for inspiration!


*Canyon Series Logan available only in Southeast Region.