Reclaimed Matterhorn Building Stone is an Uber-Green Choice

Released in 2015, Arriscraft’s new Matterhorn Building Stone is made with 99% reclaimed material. How do they do this? Instead of discarding waste material left over from stone manufacturing, Arriscraft collects this material and uses it as the base material to create Matterhorn!



While all Arriscraft stone is made from only natural materials (i.e. sand and lime), Matterhorn is perhaps the greenest option because it’s ‘recycled’ material. But this beautiful stone is certainly no less gorgeous than the other Building Stone styles. Matterhorn’s dynamic combination of Guillotined and Tumbled finishes creates an especially natural charm.


The recycling process creates a darker base material than normal and through additional pigmentation, Matterhorn was originally available in two extraordinarily rich colors: Blueridge and Saddle. In 2016, we’re excited to introduce three additional colors: Augusta, Barnwood and Chalet.

2015 Colors

Matterhorn-Saddle CHOICE 2 Matterhorn-Blueridge CHOICE 1

From left to right: Blueridge, Saddle


2016 Colors

Chalet Barnwood Augusta

From left to right: Chalet, Barnwood, Augusta



Arriscraft’s Natural Process technology uses only natural materials (plus color pigments) and replicates how stone is created in the earth. This patented process creates Building Stone with the natural aesthetics and durability of quarried stone, plus the convenience of standard installation and unlimited supply.