So…What is Thin Masonry?

One of the most common questions we receive about Thin Masonry is, “what is it?”

As they say, “it’s all in the name.”

Thin Masonry is perhaps the most contemporary form of masonry application for residential and commercial projects.  The “thin” part of Thin Masonry refers to thin brick, thin rock or thin stone; are also referred to as “thin veneers.”  We refer to them as “thin” because they are real, genuine brick, rock, and stone products that have been cut thin.  The benefit of this technique allows for more design and building versatility when used on various projects, such as new project or a renovation job.


Thin Brick

General Shale Thin Brick is authentic, kiln-fired brick cut thin and is a practical solution for exterior or interior applications.  Its light-weight nature provides cost efficiency in new construction and renovation projects.  Yet for residential use, thin brick is user-friendly for remodeling large interior spaces or smaller projects such as kitchen back-splashes or fireplace cladding.  Our enduring line of Old Brick Originals™ consists of 12 colors that provide a great deal of versatility in color and texture.  However, any of our standard brick products can be made thin.

Thin Rock

General Shale Thin Rock is authentic, quarried rock cut thin and is a beautiful solution for exterior and interior applications.  Residentially, it brings home the rustic feel of a mountain lodge to new projects or renovations. Yet for commercial use, it provides the high-end look of natural stone, all for a fraction of the cost.  Our Rock Solid Originals™ collection is equal in elegance and variety, allowing for a smart alternative to conventional structural rock.

Thin-Clad Stone

Arriscraft Building Stone, our premium stone product offering, is available in three Thin Stone product lines:  ARRIS▪tile Renaissance®, ARRIS▪stack and ARRIS▪clip Renaissance®.  These units have become favorites for classic interior designs and for exterior applications in new and renovation applications. ARRIS▪tile Renaissance® and ARRIS▪stack units can be adhered to suitable solid substrates. Developed for vertical wall applications, they may be site cut, trimmed and finished to custom lengths, shapes or sizes.  ARRIS▪stack, named after its dry stack ledgestone style, creates a modern twist to thin adhered stone installations.  ARRIS▪clip Renaissance® are kerfed, thin Renaissance® units that are simply “clipped” to a substrate using a channel system.  These can be used in sealed or open, back drained and ventilated rain-screen applications.