Thin Rock: a Fresh Twist on Stone Veneers

A ‘real’ rock veneer in natural options

Are you looking for extra punch or a truly unique look for an interior or exterior project? Unlike the dozens of synthetic or faux stone veneers out there, our exclusive thin rock product delivers fresh and distinctive designs. Our Rock Solid Originals collection is quarried stone – cut thin – for an incredibly authentic look that adds value as well.

blue-river-thin-rockOur thin rock selection includes several rock or stone styles, including fieldstone, shale, river rock, dry stack, and more. And because it’s quarried rock, the colors, tone variations, patterns, and shapes are 100% natural. Our website provides all the options. With a color and style offering equal in beauty and choice, thin rock is a smart alternative to conventional structural rock.



Let nature be your inspiration!

Our style range offers stunning options for interior and exterior projects, whether you are renovating or building new. Use General Shale thin rock to create sensational fireplaces, dramatic feature walls, charming kitchens or family rooms – wherever you would like to inject lodge-style character.thin-rock-interior-fireplace

You can also use Rock Solid Originals to break up an all brick exterior, with a complementary rock style that will make your home one-of-a kind. Even an accent wall or entry way done in our thin rock will add a special charm. If you have a commercial space, our thin rock provides the high-end look of natural stone, for a fraction of the cost of full sized quarried stone.thin-rock-kitchen

How to get started

Our thin rock requires advanced do-it-yourselfer skills or a professional contractor for proper installation. Because this product is quarried stone, its weight requires a properly prepared supporting wall system. Also, the naturally occurring, organic shapes may need to be cut during installation.thin-rock-exterior-wall

This installation video will take you through an interior installation and give you a fundamental understanding of the process. Installed properly, our thin rock will last for the lifetime of your home. It’s all-natural, so it will never discolor, fade or break apart making it a valuable upgrade to your home or business.

We encourage you to visit your General Shale Dealer to view samples in person.