2017 Design Trends Will Inspire You!

Trends, trends, and more trends! It’s the time of year to plan your décor and renovation projects. With 2016 a distant memory, we’re checking out what’s hot and what’s not in the design world, plus the new color palettes from leading paint companies. Get inspired to refresh your interior and exterior spaces!


Every year, this is a natural place to start – whether you are planning a décor facelift or a major renovation. We found a hip list that jives with the buzz in the design world and conveniently combines hot trends with passé finishes and materials you should avoid.2017 Trends terra cotta

Here are some highlights from the hot list that introduces warmer and richer interiors for 2017.

TERRACOTTA floor tiles. The move to ‘warm up’ our living space marches on. Terracotta tiles are a natural complement to exposed brick interiors and rustic chic décor.

JEWEL TONE accents – Various metallics have trended for some time. The influence of ‘jewel tones’ this year introduces a sophisticated range of finishes – including ‘opal-esce’, sheer fabrics to pops of deep gem tones (such as emerald, amethyst and sapphire) in furniture, artwork and wall color.

According to this source, we should curb our focus on copper, marble and (ALAS!) subway tile. A recent design show in Toronto suggested combining metallics in 2017 to soften the impact of one finish you may have collected.



This year’s colScreen Shot 2017-01-23 at 2.55.13 PMor palettes deliver something for everyone. Whether you gravitate to muted tones or embrace daring use of color, the paint collections offer both soothing neutrals and vibrant accents.
We love the soft ‘neutrals with a personality’ this year. A great example – BEHR’s Comfortable Palette. As the love of ‘all white’ fades, we find more choice and depth in these subtle, yet engaging, colors.

Several paint companies combine flavored neutrals with deeper, more traditional, tones in 2017. Benjamin Moore released SHADOW 2117-30 as color of the year, plus a delicious collection of neutrals, pastels and classics – namely Dark Burgundy, Knoxville Grey and Guacamole! For options that we feel work well with brick homes – inside or out – check out the entire Benjamin Moore palette.

PPG announced Violet Verbena – a midway point between a pastel and vibrant tone. While, CIL’s 2017 color falls in line with these two purplish options with Antique Violet.

Overall, the color trends of 2017 clearly invoke richer interiors. This is great news for homes designed with natural materials like brick. We can see many of this year’s top colors working for home exterior accents as well.







 Overhaul your Exterior Palette

With all the talk about interior design, how often do we consider developing a new exterior palette for our brick home? If your home is a bit older, a coordinated color update does wonders for curb appeal and home value. Ideally you would consider all elements – shingles and gutters, doors and windows, plus the garage door. Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas and examples for you to get started, in case you aren’t splurging on a designer. Simply updating the paint color of your doors and window trim can be dramatic and refreshing. Check out our General Shale Pinterest for even more inspiration!

Make a Grand Entrance

For newer homes that don’t warrant a full exterior redo, why not plan a stunning facelift for your front entranceway? In a weekend, you can transform this defined area and get those neighbors talking! Look beyond the front door; incorporating the surrounding trim, railings and posts will add depth and impact. Develop a mini-palette with a feature and complimentary colors. Benjamin Moore has a helpful web page with creative ideas and inspiration.Campbell residence_18

Before you begin, have you ever considered the meaning behind your front door color? If you’re curious, here are 14 Front Door Colors and Their Meanings.

Punch Up Your Outdoor Accents

We love the idea of perking up your outdoor space with color. We’re tipping our hat to Pantone® for giving us spring-like inspiration with their color of the year: GREENERY! Nothing screams a fresh start like bright green, and it’s a perfect pop of color for brick homes. Repaint wooden chairs, add throw pillows, and create new planters with synthetic or real plants. This time of year is also an ideal opportunity to plan new outdoor spaces and focal points; our outdoor products give you amazing options. You can get started soon and be ready for the new outdoor season.

Pantone green mugEnjoy checking out all of these exciting trends and planning your décor and renovation projects. There’s a lot to choose from in 2017!