Autumn Brings New Colors & Choices!

Autumn has arrived and across North America Nature’s most vibrant colors are on display. This is a perfect time of year to slow the pace and start planning for new home construction. At General Shale, the changing colors we see outside remind us of our incredible array of brick colors, styles and finishes. While other exterior cladding products also offer a wide selection of colors – with brick, you get both great choice and personalization, plus an exterior that will last a lifetime.

New Color Introductions

Each year we expand our product line – in response to design trends and customer demand. In addition to our General Shale brick selection, you can also choose from Arriscraft’s amazing building stone collection – all on our website! Whatever your color or style preference, we’re sure you’ll find multiple options you love. Here are two new 2018 new color introductions!

TOP: A new introduction in our Canyon Brick series, Steele Canyon  features an incredible blend of rich tones in this signature, peaked texture.

BOTTOM: Arriscraft has added a gorgeous new color to their Tumbled Vintage Brick – Weathered Oak.

A Colorful Palette to Choose From!

When someone says brick – do you automatically think ‘red brick schoolhouse’? If you’ve never visited our website, prepare to be wowed by the depth of our product line. You will be spoiled for choice with the options to help make your home design distinct. Here is a small sample:

Styles for Everyone – from Classic to Rustic

Most of us lean toward either traditional or contemporary home styles. At General Shale, we offer many distinct brick styles, which feature a variety of blending, finishes and profiles. Combining our brick with Arriscraft stone creates even more options for a unique design! This selection is just the tip of the iceberg!

Quick Tips for Home Planning

Budget is paramount when building a home. When you visit our website to check out the brick selection, you can sort by manufacturing location. If you choose a brick that is made in your region you will save on delivery costs.

Did you know that mortar can make up at least 20% of an exterior wall? Selecting a mortar that blends or contrasts with your brick color can make a tremendous difference in the final product. Here’s a helpful article on the importance of mortar selection, plus you can test out your brick and mortar combinations with our new design tool!

Our newly introduced My Designs app is available at the Apple store or for use on your mobile device or computer. Create home designs in real time, save them and share them, and get more product information – all at your fingertips. You will also receive automatic new product updates! Happy planning!