Those Who Build Together, Stay Together!

A “building project” doesn’t always have to refer to a physical structure. It’s a phrase that can be applied to personal goals, life’s struggles, and relationships. By building something, however, whether it is a new home or a new relationship, there lies a potential to forge better selves and deeper bonds with others. “How so”, you ask?


PolaroidConsider everything that goes into a building project. It requires planning, patience, consideration and team work. Planning, for example, can produce a tremendous amount of patience. After all, any successful project will require precise planning to achieve the desired end result and that can take time. A measure of patience during this process will improve the final outcome while providing a genuine opportunity to experience it at a new level, which of course requires consideration for others. While it’s easy to think we know best, in reality it’s often a blend of our own ideas and those of others that produce the best results.



As we know, consideration for others requires tried and true team work. Without working together, unnecessary problems arise and inevitably cost precious time and resources. When a healthy measure of team work is in play, problems are shared along with successes.

In the end, what should ultimately result from a successful building project is a beautiful and enjoyable experience. Whether the outcome is a stunning new home, a fun outdoor fire pit or a satisfying community project; the hope is through it all friendships are stronger, relationships are healthier and life is that much better!